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Open Day – 7 March 2018 – All welcome (must pre-register)
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“The Connections Summit is the RAIN RFID Alliance, AIM, and the NFC Forum working together for a full day of presentations and discussions, hosted by Google. There are many tracks for interesting topics and excellent speakers. This is on 7 March and everyone is invited.”

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Who we are

RAIN RFID is a wireless technology that connects billions of everyday items to the internet, enabling businesses and consumers to identify, locate, authenticate, and engage each item.

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What we do

RAIN promotes awareness, education, and initiatives to accelerate UHF RFID growth and adoption in business and consumer applications worldwide. RAIN delivers consistent, focused messaging about the benefits of UHF RFID to end users and consumers alike.

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Our Mission

To enable businesses and consumers to identify, locate, authenticate and engage items in our everyday world.

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Conference Countdown


RAIN Americas Meeting 2018

NOTE: Wednesday 7 March 2018 the meetings are open to everyone but you must pre-register see http://events.rainrfid.org/registration/ 

For Presentations from previous RAIN meetings including the recent Shenzhen RAIN meeting please visit https://rainrfid.org/resources/rain-meetings/


6 - 8 March, 2018
Day 1
06 Mar 2018
Day 2
07 Mar 2018
Day 3
08 Mar 2018


Steve Halliday, president of the RAIN RFID Alliance will welcome to the RAIN members to the meetings and give an update on the logistics for the day including a brief...
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Steve Halliday, President, RAIN RFID Alliance

Morning Workgroup Meetings

Developers Workgroup: Retail Workgroup: Smart Products and Packaging Workgroup:
10:00 am-10:30 am

Break – 1

12:30 pm - 2:00 pm

Lunch – 1

Afternoon Workgroup Meetings

Healthcare Workgroup: Smart Manufacturing Workgroup: IoT Workgroup: Technical Workgroup
3:00 pm-3:30 pm

Break – 2

5:30 pm - 7:00 pm

Networking reception – Members Only

Introduction to Summit

Steve Halliday, President of the RAIN Alliance, Paula Hunter, Executive Director of the NFC-Forum, and Mary Lou Bosco, COO of AIM Inc., will welcome everyone to the event, and on the...
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Paula Hunter – Executive Director of the NFC-Forum
Mary Lou Bosco – COO of AIM Inc.
Steve Halliday, President, RAIN RFID Alliance

Connections Summit – Keynote: The pervasive nature of IoT in the world of intelligent big data

Antony Passemard, Google: Never before have we seen such amount of data generated in the world. The advent of connected machine are changing the game in how data is stored and...
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Antony Passemard, Product Management Lead – Cloud IoT and Pub/Sub, Google

Connections Summit – Keynote: RFID 2018-2028: RAIN and NFC Market Status, Outlook and Innovations

Raghu Das, IDTechEx: This presentation will provide a comprehensive snapshot of the current status and outlook of the RFID industry. In particular, data provided will cover the current market size...
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Raghu Das, CEO IDTechEx
10:30 am-11:00 am

Break – 3

Track 1: Retail and Smart Products – Alessandro Gherardi “Tailor-made” NFC | Linking Customer Experience & Future Sales

WINNER | 2017 AIM Case Study Competition – IoT Category SAIT’s project for internationally renowned fashion designer Alessandro Gherardi to create a way in which to electronically identify all personalized...
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Andrea Gobbi, CEO Alessandro Gherardi
Carlo Carminati, SAIT s.r.l.

Track 2: Security & Blockchain – Integrity of Things: Exploring NFC and Blockchain

Blockchain provides a distributed ledger and enables decentralized trust and consensus generation. It has applications beyond cryptocurrencies. In this presentation, Chronicled and Identiv will speak about how blockchain and NFC...
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Ajit Kulkarni, Chronicled

Track 1: Retail and Smart Products – Digitizing the Retail Consumer Experience – Fresh Results and Insights from the Field

How must brands and retailers adapt to survive the rapid evolution of today’s mobile consumer? As mobile marketers and agencies evaluate and deploy various technologies to build a superior user...
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Matthew Bright, Thin Film Electronics

Track 1: Retail and Smart Products – Re-imagining retail using NFC

Brands, “How to Create engagement and activation with your customers using NFC enhanced Smart packaging.”
Tim Daly, NXP

Track 1: Retail and Smart Products – Leading the way for Connected Cosmetics

With over 7 billion products sold to over 1 billion consumers worldwide, L’Oréal Connected Products Project Director, Nicolas Lecocq, will expose the Group’s vision towards Connected Cosmetics. From end to...
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Nicolas Lecocq, L’Oréal

Track 2: Security & Blockchain – AIDC Success in the IoT world

The presentation is a combined effort by our client, representing the user community, and our John Greaves, who sharing the platform will outline the best practice, best deployment and optimum...
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John Greaves, Lowry Solutions

Track 2: Security & Blockchain – How Adding Trust to NFC Applications Provides a Frictionless Authentication Experience for New York City Buildings

NFC is dramatically expanding the range of trusted digital identity innovations for more intelligent and connected buildings. Now, organizations are combining the use of NFC smartphones with Computerized Maintenance Management...
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David Chose, HID Global

Track 2: Security & Blockchain – A Peer-to-Peer Approach to Digital Key Sharing for Vehicle Access Control

Modern automobiles use a variety of key-based access control methods to restrict use of the vehicle to authorized persons only.  Passive Keyless entry have security weaknesses and are impractical for...
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Tony Rosati, ESCRYPT

Track 3: Healthcare – Game Changer in Healthcare | Direct-Part Marked Hospital-Sterilized Medical Implants with Tractus™

WINNER | 2017 AIM Case Study Competition – AIDC Category Presentation of case study which evaluates the effectiveness of placing a high speed, high resolution camera into the sterile field...
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Brandon Donnelly, Matrix IT Medical Tracking Systems, Inc.

Track 3: Healthcare – One of the largest oncology centers and hospitals in Poland equips itself with wireless temperature monitoring system

The Lower Silesian Oncology Center, one of the largest in Poland has decided to install wireless solution for temperature monitoring. The combined RF and NFC technology enables the medical staff...
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Cronin Wilkes, Blulog

Track 3: Healthcare – The Internet of Me: Data Empowering Patients

The Internet of Me: Data Empowering Patients covers my journey as a heart patient, athlete, and technology professional.  Present opportunities to optimize traditional healthcare payers and providers. Along with what...
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Heidi Dohse, Sr. Program Manager, Mobile Harness, Google

Track 3: Healthcare – The World’s Largest RFID based hospital installation

On behalf of the end client, a presentation of the world’s largest RFID based  and not least award winning (two recent awards)  hospital installation. The presentation will describe the purpose,...
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Villads Thomsen, CEO Lyngsoe Systems
12:30 pm - 2:00 pm

Lunch – 2

Track 4: Retail & Smart Products – Augmented RFID

“Augmented RFID” is all about enabling a new set of use cases, from industrial over medical applications to IoT, deploying the battery-less IoT that our industry has been promising to...
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Paul Muller, Business Unit Leader, RFID, EM Microelectronic

Track 4: Retail & Smart Products – NFC and Content: get physical with digital

Richard will take a deep dive into how NFC technology is being applied to the content and marketing industries. Sharing exclusive proprietary data and case studies from campaigns run with...
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Track 4: Retail & Smart Products – Panel: Connected Products: Delivering enhanced, personalized, and relevant customer experiences

Moderator: Jason Oxman, Electronic Transactions Association Panel: Jeanne Duckett, Avery Dennison Steve McKean, TableSafe, Inc Herve d’Halluin, Decathlon
Herve d’Halluin, Decathlon
Steve McKean, TableSafe, Inc.
Jeanne Duckett, Avery Dennison
Jason Oxman, Electronic Transactions Association

Track 5: IoT – RAIN, Cloud and the Chained Twin

The talk builds on my presentation at the July RAIN meeting by introducing digital twin for items, linked by RAIN to the cloud, with blockchain for ownership transfer.
Chris Diorio, CEO Impinj, Inc

Track 5: IoT – Physical/Digital Convergence – IoT, RAIN, and Chains

RAIN RFID deployments are expanding significantly…and are touching increasingly-vital business processes.  The world of IoT is fragmented and in need of alignment on foundational elements of an architecture. Enterprise Blockchain...
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Robert Beideman, GS1

Track 5: IoT – RAIN and NFC Coexistence in a Commercial Smart Device

As a core component of the Internet of Things technology (IoT), Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) tagged items will add billions, perhaps trillions, of objects to the Internet through automatic detection...
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Jagat Shah, Research Consultant, Lenovo

Track 5: IoT – “Everyone Wins using RAIN & NFC! Visibility into Supply Chain and Consumer Engagement

eAgile’s eLink™ family of Internet of Things (IoT) solutions combine smartphone based ordering, product authentication and customer engagement functions with enterprise level track and trace visibility into a single solution....
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Peter Phaneuf, President, eAgile Inc.

Track 6: Market Opportunities – Achieving value and ROI using RAIN

Real world examples of how many commercial companies and federal agencies are achieving real value and a return on investment using RAIN and other AIDC technologies. We will also highlight...
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Tom King, IT Project manager USPTO
Chuck Evanhoe, CEO, Aware Innovations, a division of Evanhoe & Associates, Inc.

Track 6: Market Opportunities – Bringing NFC to the browser with Web NFC API

While web applications are the norm in many organizations due to their low friction and ease-of-use, low level device APIs have often kept web applications from gaining ground in areas...
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Justin Ribeiro, Stickman Ventures, Inc.

Track 6: Market Opportunities – SMART Products and digital consumer interactions

Adidas shows the world how disruptive NFC-technology can be when brands embed NFC-tags into their physical products. In 2015 adidas entered the new territory of digitizing products, like the 2018...
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Philipp Schaffer, Smartrac

Track 6: Market Opportunities – New paradigm for NFC applications

The NFC Forum recently added Type 5 tags to their specifications. Discover how this is enabling more “Things” to be part of the IoT, how type 5 tags contribute to...
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Sylvain Fidelis, STMicroelectronics
3:30 pm - 4:00 pm

Break – 4

Sponsor Sessions – Gold Sponsor presentations

Aware Innovations – Chuck Evanhoe EM Microelectronics – Paul Muller Teslonix – Terry Clancy
Terry Clancy – VP of Business Development at Teslonix
Chuck Evanhoe, CEO, Aware Innovations, a division of Evanhoe & Associates, Inc.
Paul Muller, Business Unit Leader, RFID, EM Microelectronic

Panel – Intelligence of Things: what does the future hold for IoT?

Moderator: Jukka Voutilainen, Voyantic Francesco Montanari, Datalogic Philipp Schaffer, Smartrac Tim Daly, NXP Robert Beideman, GS1
Jukka Voutilainen, Voyantic
Philipp Schaffer, Smartrac
Robert Beideman, GS1
Tim Daly, NXP

Closing remarks

Paula Hunter – Executive Director of the NFC-Forum
Mary Lou Bosco – COO of AIM Inc.
Steve Halliday, President, RAIN RFID Alliance
5:30 pm - 7:00 pm

Networking reception – Open to all

State of the Alliance

Steve Halliday, president of the RAIN Alliance will update members on the progress of the Alliance
Steve Halliday, President, RAIN RFID Alliance

Marketing Report

Kerry Krause, Head of Marketing and Strategy for the RAIN RFID Alliance will review the marketing work of the Alliance.
Kerry Krause, Head of Marketing & Strategy, RAIN RFID Alliance
9:45 am-10:15 am

Break – 5

12:00 pm - 1:00 pm

Lunch – 3

Board Member nominees

Your chance to meet the people nominated for the board before you vote

The End User Viewpoint

A chance to interact with the end-users
3:00 pm-3:30 pm

Break – 6

Passive Sensor Transponders – Wireless, battery free sensing with RAIN technology

Dr. Andreas Weder; Head of Module Integration Team @ Fraunhofer IPMS will talk about the wireless measurement of physical parameters like temperature, pressure or humidity is often desired in industrial environments. ...
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